5 Things You Need To Know To Become An Agile Product Owner

Who is an Agile product owner?

Now, let us ask you,

what is a good Agile product owner?

  • No Power Product Owner: Product owner has no ability to decide anything
  • Too Busy Product Owner: A product owner who is in so many projects at the same
    the time that he ends up having time for none.
  • The Half Product Owner: A product owner who has been reduced to almost nothing
    else than a user story writing machine.
  • The Faraway Product Owner: The product owner is in a different time zone and
    doesn’t have any common time during the day where they can sit down at the same

You don’t want to turn into any of them, do you?
Of course not!

In this blog, we’re going to tell you about the qualities you need to acquire to become a good product owner. Not only that, once you have these qualities in you, you can be sure that you will never even by mistake turn into an anti-pattern among above.

In Lasse’s opinion, the role of a product owner is slightly neglected in the scrum since people focus a lot on team and scrum master. However, the product owner is the most important role when it comes to product management. Because even if you have the best team in the world or best ever scrum master, if they don’t know the direction of their workflow, then what’s the point?
A good Agile Product Owner works as a tour guide who provides you the direction so that you can realize if you are making the right product or not. We have sorted out

5 must-have qualities of a good Agile product owner for you.

Agile is no more a luxury nowadays. It’s a necessity. Agile is a mindset that helps to run the projects smoothly. It helps you to maintain the high quality of the product,
lower cost of product development, faster market release, more customer satisfaction and retention, lower risk of product delivery and greater flexibility of feature releases.

If you are working as an Agile Product Owner, you might have seen that there are still a lot of stakeholders who think that the traditional way of product development is

way better than Agile. The most important one of an Agile Product Owner’s responsibilities is to make them understand why is it best to go Agile.

2. Be Product Oriented instead of being Project Oriented

So you can understand, multiple projects can occur in a product’s life cycle.
Hence, a product doesn’t have a proper deadline like projects till the time the product is being adopted, used and valued by the customers.
When you are a product owner, you need to keep this in mind that you’ll have to take care of multiple projects under the product till the time your product is being successful.

3. Act as a delegator and a developer at the same time

Besides being the delegator, you need to be a developer as well when you are a product owner. You might have a development team, but everything pans out well when you have knowledge about development since you will be able to understand each and every step in depth. Because along with being a team lead, you are a part of the team too!

This one comes handy when you are in the process of running multiple projects at the same time and all of them are aimed at the same goal. Isn’t it?

There will be multiple teams, miscommunication, and a resultant — conflict.
As a product owner, you need to have the ability to resolve the conflicts and find a solution when things get out of hand.

You need to be an effective escalator as well. Escalation is feedback to management that management has deployed conflicting goals. As a good product owner, you should have a good conflict escalation mechanism ready to go.

5. Know how to delight your customers

Do you think you have all these in you?
Well, you don’t need to worry about it! No one is a born good product owner. So you
always have time to learn and acquire these skills and apply them!

There is one more thing though which you need to have to become a good project followed by an manager. What is that you may wonder? It’s simple! An Agile Product owner training

Agile Product Owner Certification! So what are you waiting for? Apply for it right away to see yourself as a good Agile
Product Owner.

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We, "NovelVista Learning Solution" have expertise in providing high end training & Certification programs for ITIL®, PRINCE2,PMP, SIAM, Cloud, AWS, Devops etc

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We, "NovelVista Learning Solution" have expertise in providing high end training & Certification programs for ITIL®, PRINCE2,PMP, SIAM, Cloud, AWS, Devops etc