Career Prospects After Your Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineer Expert Certification

  • Azure DevOps Services for the Azure cloud
  • Azure DevOps Servers (formerly, Visual Studio Team Foundation Server, VTFS) for on-premises infrastructures)

Who Are Microsoft Certified Azure DevOps Engineer Experts?

Important Skillsets To Acquire To Become a Microsoft Certified Azure DevOps Engineer Expert:

  • Designing and implementing logging
  • Designing and implementing telemetry
  • Integrating logging and monitoring solutions
  • Developing an alerting strategy
  • Designing a failure prediction strategy
  • Designing and implement a health check
  • Designing an authentication and authorization strategy
  • Designing a sensitive information management strategy
  • Developing security and compliance
  • Designing governance enforcement mechanisms
  • Designing a DevOps strategy
  • Implementing DevOps development processes
  • Implementing continuous integration
  • Implementing continuous delivery
  • Implementing dependency management
  • Implementing application infrastructure
  • Implementing continuous feedback

Roles And Responsibilities Of A Microsoft Certified Azure DevOps Engineer Expert:

  • Applying your cloud computing skills to deploy upgrades and bug fixes across Azure.
  • Designing, developing, and implementing software integrations with the help of user feedback and reviews.
  • Implement automation frameworks and tools to build CI/CD pipelines.
  • Troubleshooting and fixing production issues and communicating with the development team to simplify and streamline code deployment.
  • Continuously monitoring software environments to spot out the loopholes.
  • Managing the IT infrastructure which includes the network, software, hardware, storage, virtual and remote assets, and control over data cloud storage.
  • Analyzing the code continuously and communicate detailed feedback to software development teams to make sure there is an improvement in software and of projects.
  • Collaborate with the DevOps team to discuss the improvement of engineering tools, systems, procedures, and security arrangements.
  • Optimizing and enhancing the business’ development architecture.
  • Conducting system checks for security, availability, and performance.
  • Developing and maintaining troubleshooting documentation to keep a track of past and future fixes.

How Much Is A Microsoft Certified Azure DevOps Engineer Expert’s Salary?




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