Top 20 Kubernetes Interview Questions For 2020.

1. What are the differences between Kubernetes and Docker Swarm?

2. What is Kubernetes?

3. How is Kubernetes related to Docker?

4. What is Container Orchestration?

5. What are the features of Kubernetes?

  • Automated scheduling
  • Self-healing capabilities
  • Automated rollout and rollbacks
  • Horizontal scaling and role balancing

6. How does Kubernetes simplify containerized Deployment?

7. What is Google Container Engine?

8. What is Heapster?

9. What is Minikube?

10. What is Kubectl?

11. What is Kubelet?

12. What do you understand by Kube-proxy?

13. What is ETCD?

14. What do you understand by load balancer in Kubernetes?

15. What is Headless Service?

16. What is the difference between a replica set and replication controller?

17. What are federated clusters?

18. What do you know about clusters in Kubernetes?

19. What are the different components of Kubernetes Architecture?

  • The master node
  • The worker node.

20. What is the role of kube-apiserver and kube-scheduler?




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