Top 20 Microsoft Azure Questions For Your Next Interview.

1. What is Microsoft Azure and why it is used mostly?

  • Strategy: Defining the business justification and the possible outcomes
  • Plan: Aligning actionable adoption plans to business outcomes
  • Ready: Migration and modernization of existing workload
  • Innovate: Developing new cloud-native or hybrid solution
  • Govern: Governing the environment and the workload
  • Manage: Managing the operations for cloud and hybrid solutions

2. Which services of Azure you can use to manage resources?

3. What is Azure Diagnostic?

4. Name 3 main segments of Windows Azure platform.

  • Windows Azure Compute
  • Windows Azure Storage
  • Windows Azure AppFabric

5. Define Windows Azure AppFabric.

6. What is the distinction between Windows Azure Queues and Windows Azure Service Bus Queues?

7. What is autoscaling in Azure?

8. What are the differences between a public cloud and a private cloud?

9. What is table storage in Windows Azure?

10. What is Microsoft Azure Portal?

11. What is a Hybrid cloud?

12. What is the storage key?

13. What is Windows Azure Traffic Manager?

14. What is a federation in SQL Azure?

  • You can take advantage of greater resources within the cloud on-demand.
  • You can allow the customers to have their own database, share databases or to access many databases.
  • The exposure of a single point of failure can be reduced.
  • The costs of using cloud resources can get lower and you can release them easily.
  • Bottlenecks and SQL Azure throttling can be reduced.

15. What is the SQL Azure database?

16. What are the different types of Storage areas in Microsoft Azure?

  • BLOB
  • Table
  • Line

17. Explain the concept of table in Microsoft Azure.

18. What is meant by the dead letter queue?

19. Explain MOSS?

20. What is the Migration Assistant tool in Azure Websites?




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