What's New In AWS: AWS Trends 2021

5 AWS Trends in 2021:

1. Amazon CloudFront Origin Shield

  • Better cache hit ratio
  • Reduced origin load
  • Better network performance

2. Amazon PrivateLink:

  • Secured Traffic
  • Simplify Network Management
  • Accelerate cloud migration

3. FIFO method in SQS:

  • Ensure that user-entered commands are executed in the right order.
  • Display the correct product price by sending price modifications in the right order.
  • FIFO queues support up to 3,000 transactions per second, per API method Without batching, FIFO queues support up to 300 API calls per second, per API method

4. Amazon Documentdb:

  • Amazon DocumentDB implements the Apache 2.0 open source MongoDB 3.6 and 4.0 APIs by emulating the responses that a MongoDB client expects from a MongoDB server, allowing you to use your existing MongoDB drivers and tools with Amazon DocumentDB.
  • With Amazon DocumentDB, you don’t need to worry about database management tasks, such as hardware provisioning, patching, setup, configuration, backups, or scaling.
  • Amazon DocumentDB achieves twice the throughput of currently available MongoDB managed services.

5. Amazon Chime SDK supports health monitoring:

  • Meeting events make it simple to automatically save to your AWS account seven events types and 22 attributes related to audio video sessions on the Amazon Chime SDK
  • Based on these analytics, you can create custom Amazon CloudWatch dashboards to monitor the performance of your web application, configure alarms, or pinpoint and debug integration problems.




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